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I Entered A Commercial Car With A Man And After He Put His Hand On My Body, This Is What I Did – Lady

A Nigerian lady has recently narrated the story of how one of the passengers of a commercial car she boarded almost beat her after she caught him having fun inside the car. According to a story which was shared by Linda Ikeji Blog, the lady identified simply as Olajumouke stated that she boarded a commercial car to a distant journey and sat at the back seat together with a middle-aged man.

As they started the journey, she noticed that his hand was resting on her body which made her feel uncomfortable because they were only two at the back seat and therefore there is no need for body contact between them. She then noticed that he put his hand inside his pant after using a bag to block her from seeing what he was doing. Because they were only two at the back, she talked to him to stop what he is doing but he ignored her, so she brought out her phone and began recording him in case he may deny his action.

The lady added that she ignored him for most of the journey until he started looking at her phone when she started chatting with someone. She asked him to stop looking at her but that’s when the trouble started because he almost beat her after saying that, if not for the timely intervention of other passengers.

She concluded by thanking all the people that checked on her after hearing what happened and added that she only wanted to share her experience that is why she shared the story.

Check out her post below:


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