Erica: How She Found Mr Right Online And Lost Him

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There are many single women in town. Some are desperate to find love while others are chilling in singledom.

Erica was one of the single ones who didn’t even know where she belonged in the scale of things. She wished she was out and searching but she didn’t even know where to start from. Neither was she being single and proud about it – claiming to be Miss independent. She was simply clueless.

It wasn’t until her married sister hinted her on joining a social media App where she could find hookups. That’s when she joined the MORE App. After downloading it on the google playstore, she decided to give the Hookup and Nigerian Girls Tribe a test-run.

For the first few days, she was enjoying all the attention she got after sharing a picture. The number of men (and women) who slid into her DM were endless.

It was through all the chatting she finally stumbled upon one particular message from a guy. He looked like a good prospect. His profile picture and messages actually looked like they were real and not an impersonator.

She had become sceptical of people and fake identities after several attempts to make friends on Facebook – so she was allowed to be suspicious.

Erica did a minor google search on him to be sure he was genuine. Fortunately, Daniel was indeed who he claimed to be. He was a bank executive in his mid—30s looking for love. She was a media personality in her early 30s looking for love. They both lived in Lagos, Nigeria and it seemed like the perfect match.

That fateful Monday morning, she gave Daniel her number. Immediately the DM delivered, she got his first message:

“Hi Erica, it’s me Daniel.”

She smiled and was about to reply when he sent:

“Are you there?”

Erica’s finger was above the keypad to reply, then she received another one:

“Reply if you’re there. It’s rude not to respond to messages.”

Just as her brows raised in scepticism, her boss called her in for a meeting. She unconsciously slid her phone in her pocket and walked into the meeting room.

30 minutes later, after the meeting ended, she pulled out her phone to make a call and what she saw shook her core.

She saw 33 unread messages from Daniel. Did the guy text her every minute? She wondered.

Rather than bother reading, she deleted the messages and went on the MORE App and saw another message from him. He asked if she gave him the right number. She responded to him and said that she did but she couldn’t keep up with the volume of texts given her busy schedule. She said he seemed like a nice guy but he was coming off as too strong.

He retorted that she wasn’t ready, adding that he wondered how she would meet someone if she kept being so aloof.  Erica didn’t know how to respond to him. She just unfriended him and moved on to the other messages she had received.

Please guys, if you’ve got the time, drop a response to Daniel in the comment section.

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