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After ESN Chased Away Fulani Herdsmen From Abịa Forests, Check Out What Shehu Sani Said

Barely 24 hours after reports about the Eastern Security Network chasing away Fulani Herdsmen from Isiukwuato and Bende forests in Abịa State circulated, Shehu Sani, a political activist and former senator has reacted to that effect.

Sen Shehu described the attacks on the Fulani Herdsmen as a condemnable act adding that for the interest of peace, unity and stability of the country, no group of individuals should be allowed to take laws into their hands.

However, he called on the Federal Government and the leaders of the Northern States to expedite action and begin grazing and ranching programmes for the nomadic herdsmen so that they would relocate their cattle back to the North.

Photos of ESN ready for attack

Photos of the attack

Recall that yesterday, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Maazi Nnamdi Kanu had shared a video which showed armed ESN members launching an attack on Fulani camps in Abịa forests.

The operatives pursued them away from their lands, killed their cattle and burnt down their settlement. They warned them to go back to wherever they come from as Biafra lands don’t belong to them.

For me, I think that the attacks on the herdsmen are extreme and could stir up violence in the country. Maazi Nnamdi Kanu is currently not in Nigeria but he is wherever he is causing mayhem in Igboland.

Hé should know that there are other Igbos residing in various parts of the North and this move of his could threaten their peaceful co-existence with the northerners.

However, should like Shehu Sani advised, the Federal Government and northern leaders should set up ranching programmes for the Herdsmen in the North. The North has quite a huge expanse of land and can accommodate millions of Herdsmen endangering their lives and businesses in the South.


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