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“Even The Mad Is Tired”- See Picture Of A Mad Man Protesting That Got People Talking

“Even The Mad Is Tired”


How many people can confidently say they are not tired of this country ? The reality that every single one of us have to face on a daily is one no one person should have to deal with. No electricity, no water, education is zero, eating a three square meal in a day is ancient history, 1500 naira can’t get you 10 liters of petrol anymore, naira to dollar conversion rate is now unbelievably humongous. All of these are just a little bit of the what an average Nigerian has to face.

Young Nigerian youths can’t drive exotic cars, own expensive iPhones, Laptops and even dress the way they want without being harassed by people meant to protect them from armed robbers. Most of the times they get robbed, extorted by these guys who believe they’re yahoo boys. That is the reality of every Nigerian youth. You’re expected to live like a pauper and wallow in poverty because according to them, ‘no young person can be as rich as owning a car of 7 million naira without being a criminal’.READ FULL ARTICLES HERE

This is why the youths in country have taken their constitutional right to hold peaceful protests and demand for changes, especially the ending of sars. For the past five days now, protesters have been taking to the streets to make their voices heard and call for changes in a bid for a better and safer Nigeria. At the moment this is all the people want. End sars and stop the brutality. That’s all.

People are no longer going to be stay silent. As the protests are being held all over the country, a certain picture of a mad man has appeared on social media and it has got people talking.

People were shocked. Even the young boy in the background is shocked out of his mind. And people have been talking mostly about the boy and the look on his face as he couldn’t believe even a mad person is tired of all the problems in this country.


See what people were saying.


As funny as that picture and what everyone has been saying is, there’s another angle to look at this picture at. The two boys in the background, why aren’t they in school ? This is the exact problem we’re trying to fix. Two kids on the streets during school hours. I was actually pissed nobody talked about it until I found a comment by one ‘Eni’, who completely took the words right out of my mind.

Like she rightly said, Nigerians and this kids deserve better.

What do you think ?

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