Even A President Can Say This? See What Donald Trump Said About JESUS That Got People Talking

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In Christainity, Jesus Christ is the author and the finisher of our faith, there is no like him and non to be compared to him, he has the power and the might to give life and take it. Christainity is solely based on living the life of Christ and manifesting the characteristics found in him daily, it is wrong for a truth Christain to be living in sin, even if one falls into it, it is very advisable to run to God and ask him for forgiveness immediately, Indeed he is not a man and only him deserves all the praise.

Donald Trump who is the president of America said something that marvelled internet users as it got them talking. According to a post made by instablog, the president of America said that someone told him that he is the most famous in the world by far but he said no that he wasn’t but Jesus was. This got people talking that even a president can say this type of thing without any sense of pride. This is truly a sign of humility. Below is a screenshot of people’s comment on what he allegedly said.

This is the link to the post:


This is what Jesus expects us to as christians, not to put our trust in ourselves but in God alone. I pray that God strengthens him more and more as he progress.

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