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“Have You Ever Needed Money And Those Scrap Metal Buyers Came Through For You” – Lady Asks

A pretty young lady known as effizzzyy on Twitter, asked the entire Twitter community, a question that proves that, she has sold some of her belongings to scrap metal buyers or ‘aluminum condemn’ guys to make ends meet. Her question goes like this, have you ever needed money and those scrap metal buyers came through for you.

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This question asked by effizzzyy caused a serious explosion on social media as it was a question about making ends meet. Some said that, they have done worse as they have sold everything metal in their grandpa’s house including aluminum roofing while some said, back in SS2, they sold their old generator and went to ball with their classmates. Some went as far as saying that, they sold their father’s old bike and acted like they have been robbed.

Below is how some people reacted to effizzzyy’s question

Have you ever needed money and those scrap metal buyers or ‘aluminum condemn’ guys came through for you?

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