If You Ever Want To Take Control In The Bedroom, Then You Will Need To Get A Massive Banana!




“If you Ever Want to take Control in the Bedroom and Drill that Hole to the core, then you will need to get a massive Banana

You will love the Man you will become after your encounter with me.”

That what a women used to sell in the social media and she get many comments about that post in her Facebook page.





In this critical time of our life when people are seeking for God’s mercy to stay alive due to the pandemic that’s currently ravaging the world;

some never do well homo-sapien, a by-product of the mysterious affairs between Eve and Serpent whom Satan will always use to showcase its destructive handwork are everywhere clamoring for big banana.

I wonder if your parents did all these your satanic advert before given birth to you.

Daughters of Jezebel masquerading themselves in the 21st century.

We are yet to come out of the perils your ground mother Eve imposed on us; you’re here this morning trying to drag us to the fruits eating mystery that happened in the garden of Eden.

Why did you allow Satan to use???

Most of you portraying these satanic agenda are either Choristers, Ushers, Church workers in the house of God; and this is why it seem that nothing good is really coming out of some churches this days. May God help us.

Show us your own first, with your face showing, maybe somebody will chat you privately.

Showing a lady holding cucumber is not enough oga. Seeing is believing.

This cucumber things, afraid of buying cucumber outside, you may never know used ones

That is why cucumber is so expensive in the market now because cucumber automatically turns to big banana that ladies used for their satisfaction.

So your plan is to drill that whole like a borehole. Thunder go soon visit your case. i wonder how this type of banana go enter trouser.

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