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Every human being either male or female seeks genuine desire to be loved in return when they love people. It’s not easy as people make it seem and if one is unfortunate, they meet people who hide their true colours only to be revealed after the engagement or marriage.

One can never be too careful when trying to get a wife especially in this age where relationships seem to be short-lived. Popular marriage therapist, Giwa Shamseddin who occasionally drops hints regarding emotional matters that has helped countless homes settle issues took to his Facebook page to give signs worthy of looking out for when seeking wives.

He listed out some red flags which men need to be aware of when seeking a wife as they could be signs of danger if you overlook them. Below are some the red flags listed by Giwa worthy of noticing;

  1. When a lady’s expenditure is beyond what you can tolerate, it’s a sign that things might be rough in the marriage and is best to handle the situation. It’s not a crime to spend money on a lady but there are limits to everything and as a man, you know how much you can tolerate from a lady whose expenditure is your responsibility.

Even if she is in possession of your debit cards, you still need to be aware of how she spends when you are not around her.


  1. When you notice that most of her actions are influenced by her peers and parents, that is a sign that she might not be a lady of her own in the marriage.

Every man seeks a lady who can make some decisions on her own and know what is good and bad for her without using her parents and friends as the threshold to decide always.

  1. When she speaks sharply without control, she is bound to say things in the marriage which might not sit well with you and could possibly hurt you very deep beyond repairs. It’s natural to complain but when her mouth is very sharp, be careful of making her your wife without first working on her sharp tongue.

  2. When she is a lady who always goes to spiritual men to seek and consult everything, that is a red flag because she might be easily manipulated by such men into doing things which may not align with the home.

She needs to be able to understand that not everything needs a spiritual consultation; somethings are meant to be and if you notice that about her before the marriage, please avoid her or work on that aspect of hers.

  1. When she gossips or says everything about others to people, you need to be careful with her because a wife is someone you ought to be comfortable sharing your secret with. There is a high tendency that some of your words or activities you’ll have preferred secret will make it to the public and they could damage your home.

  2. If she has a hot temper, you need to be careful with her because that is one important red flag in today’s relationships. We have seen many cases of wives attacking thier husbands and vice versa which could have been avoided if they had watched out for such volatile tempers.

There are many more signs out there which shouldn’t be taken lightly but it doesn’t mean that the ladies are not wife materials if you find any of these flaws with them. It means it is worthy of your attention and you should possibly help them work on the attitude before going down the aisle with them.

Do you have any other signs you’ll like to contribute, please do so in the comments section?

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