Every PDP Needs To Act Like Ortom For Them To Win The Presidential Seat Come 2023


Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) supporters are intent on toppling the ruling party and winning the presidential election in 2023.

To that aim, members of the PDP are working hard, planning, and reuniting the party in the hopes of achieving that goal. Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State went above and above, admitting that he could do more to help the People’ s Democratic Party (PDP) defeat the incumbent All Progressives Congress (APC) in the 2023 presidential election.

Ortom indicated emphatically that he would put his interests aside to assist the PDP in winning the presidential race. It is possible to sacrifice one’ s interests in a variety of ways. It also includes putting his personal political goals on hold, as well as his time, money, and other assets, to help the PDP win.

Other PDP members, such as Ortom, must pledge to help their party in the run- up to the 2023 elections.

Ortom did not make this promise in a private setting or in front of a small number of people. He committed the PDP National Retreat 2021 in Abuja, where a significant number of PDP members and leaders met to debate how the party could effectively reposition and rebuild itself to defeat the APC in the 2023 presidential election. It’ s time for other PDP members to follow Ortom’ s lead after hearing his pledge. If they sincerely want to defeat APC and restore PDP to power, they must set their ambitions or interests aside.

This will help the party avoid conflicts of interest, which often result in crises. Factions emerge in times of crises, as the APC is witnessing in roughly 12 Nigerian states ahead of its national convention in February 2022. Things will be easier for PDP members who, like Ortom, decide to put their interests/aspirations on hold to help the party win the presidential race.

After all, during the PDP’ s national conference in October, the party’ s leaders, particularly the governors, demonstrated this. The way the convention went and the outcome astounded many Nigerians. The PDP governors, including Ortom, dominated the presentation. They didn’ t let their quest for greater positions on the other hand cause them problems. They planned, reached an agreement, and double- checked that everyone was on board. They went into the convention with a similar aim in mind, with the success of the party taking precedence over personal gain. Things went smoothly and were enjoyable.

In the run- up to 2023, PDP members can perform better. They will be tremendously benefited if they agree to set their interests aside, as Ortom did. The selection of the best candidate for the PDP presidential nomination is the first step.

All other candidates must now accept the primary results, refuse to switch to another party, and rally behind the candidate who will win the general election. That is the most effective way of expressing Ortom’ s dedication.

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