“Why Has Everybody Suddenly Believed Him As A Man Of God, I Thought No One Believed Him” - Lady Says - Mc Ebisco
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“Why Has Everybody Suddenly Believed Him As A Man Of God, I Thought No One Believed Him” – Lady Says

It is a sad thing to know that a great man of God has been lost. Prophet TB Joshua, who is widely known across nations, was said to have died on Saturday evening, after finishing a program with his family, in Lagos.

A lot of people did not believe the news at first, as they found it incredible that he will lose his life, without any sign of illness, even after he posted about his next birthday, few days ago.


After the news was confirmed by SCOAN. A lot of people have taken to different social media platforms, to mourn the sudden demise of the prophet, and also send their condolences to his loved ones.

While people are doing that, an Instagram user raised an issue from it, which has caused a lot of reactions from people.

The lady, who is identified as Baebih_Shayo on Instagram, talked about the people who are trying to prove that they love the deceased, even when they mocked him, while he was alive.


She said that there are a lot of people who didn’t believe that he is a true man of God, therefore, mocking his prophecies and healings.

She said these people are hypocritically joining others, to mourn the deceased and act like they truly love him.

In her words, she said:

“My problem is why has everybody suddenly believed him as a man of God. Like y’all make mockery of his prophecy and healing, i thought no one believed him……”.

This has made a lot of people react to what she said. Some people said that it does not matter if they believed him, while he was alive or not, it is a normal way of life to respect the dead, irrespective of whatever they feel about them.

Look at some of the reactions to the lady’s comment below.

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