“Everything I See Is You, I Don’t Want Any Substitute” – Erica Nlewedim Says

Ngozi “Erica” Nlewedim is a 26 years old actress and commercial model from London, England. Erica is the name she goes by and she returned to Lagos after studying screen acting at the Met Film School in London.


Erica has as been getting a lot of reactions and comment from many people after she took to her official Instagram account of over one point six million followers to share a picture. She posted the picture with the caption telling people online that she has someone special and everything she see is him all the time and she don’t want anybody disturbing. The picture she share went viral getting the attention of many people who begin to drop a comment talking about the beauty of Erica in the recent picture she share online.


Check out the reaction Erica has been getting from many people on her Instagram account.

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