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Evil World: Don’t Give Your Money To Any Beggar If You Notice These 3 Things


The world today has turned to a place where nobody should trust anybody anymore because of what is happening around the world. Some of These beggars you are seeing around Your street or road sides today are not really begging because they actually need Your money.

Recently, a pregnant woman fell victim of giving money to a very young man around the international market which she disappeared along with the man to an unknown space of the world. Can you see what a mere road side beggar can do to this innocent woman and her unborn baby?

Although it’s good to give but experience have taught us lessons why we should be careful when its come to the aspect of giving our money , incase you Don’t know, they are People who ignorantly died simply because of charity.

Please Don’t be deceive by any beggars, they are things you should consider before giving them your money for the sake of your dear life.


When You Pray And Your Spirit Tell You Not To Give

You see? Many people who refused to follow what’s their spirit tell them when they are about to do anything will always fall victim of evil. My dear readers and followers, don’t be deceive by any beggars. Before you give Your money out pray very well and pay attention to Your mind.

If your mind didn’t permit you to give your money to the beggar, Don’t ever try giving him again because you Don’t know What God is preventing you from.

God can speak to you different ways and all the time most especially when danger is about to happen to you.

If The Beggar Is Not Physically Disable

I hate when I see some complete beggars on the street begging for money. Please don’t ever give Your money to any beggar who is not physically disable . Some of them are on satanic assignment looking for who to devour.

If The Beggar Is Forcing You To Give Him Or Her Money

If you notice the beggar is forcing you to give him or her your money Please Don’t give because you Don’t know What he or She means before forcing you.

I heard a story of a new welded woman in my state and a beggar, who force this woman to give him money and unfortunate enough for the innocent woman to give him the amount of money he requested, she runs mad on the spot.

Please read and follow this message in order to stay away from such victim.

Please share this message to the large society thanks.

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