Ex- Sokoto Governor, Barafawa Laments On The Northwest’s Catastrophe, Says Allah Will Judge Buhari


According to a report by ” reubenabati. ng” , the ex- governor of Sokoto State, Alhaji Attahiru Bafarawa, has challenged President Muhammadu Buhari to be more proactive on the issue of insecurity, which he believes has turned the Northwest zone into a catastrophe zone. He mentioned this in an interview with the BBC Hausa station in Kaduna.

” This insecurity has befallen us like a disaster, ” he remarked. Only people who have been to Sokoto and Zamfara states can describe the scenario. ”

” Are those people advising President Muhammadu Buhari that everything is great or that anything is wrong? They have tricked him, and we have been duped as well if they tell him everything is fine. ”


I went home and came back today; I am an eyewitness, not someone who told me so. Our neighbors are harvesting big amounts of millet, and we’ ve received millet and rice, but they are unable to bring the agricultural goods back to their homes. Those who went to the farm to bring the crops home will die. ”

” Whoever returns home to gather his rice will perish. Furthermore, people are incarcerated in some capacity, just as they are in Zamfara. A catastrophic tragedy in which phones don’ t function, markets are closed, and the poor have no way of mitigating the effects, such as food. ”


When informed that some listeners would believe his statements were influenced by politics, he responded, ” My call here is that we should lay politics aside. This is a matter that I, the President, am concerned about, and it is he who will be held accountable to Allah. ”

” Allah will interrogate him, ” the President adds, adding that a special team should be assembled to perform fact- finding missions in Barafawa and Shinkafi. They could go to the Shinkafi area, Sabon Birni, or Goronyo villages. The senatorial zone’ s locations are all in bad shape. ”


In response to a question on whether the Zamfara State Government provided food assistance to its inhabitants, the former governor stated that he had no idea.

Even though I am not a Zamfara native, he maintains that I have rights in Zamfara as a citizen of the country and a close neighbor. Bafarawa, our hometown, is only about 8 or 9 kilometers from Zamfara. I haven’ t seen any food delivered to my immediate neighbor, Shinkafi. Who took the food there, where are the people who were given the food?


” This food- giving talk, who took the food there, where are the people who were given the food? Where has the person in charge of distributing the food gone? You must guarantee that a directive is obeyed if you give one. He should investigate if telecoms shutdowns are successful, as well as market closures. You should ensure that due diligence is performed. ”


Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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