Exam Cancellation: All Primary 6, JSS3, SSS3, And Final Year Students Should Take Note Of This

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It has been quite a while that the Federal Government has imposed a ban on schools. Some other sectors that were banned from the onset have been eased of their ban e.g religious gatherings, government offices, etc.

The lockdown is a proactive action taken by the Federal Government so as to curtail the spread of COVID19 pandemic?

The ban on the country has caused financial setbacks, socio-economic setbacks, and educational setbacks.

Because, the ban on religious gatherings, markets, and some other sectors have been lifted. Some parents, teachers, and students
have been clamoring for the reopening of schools. While some other parents, teachers, and students, understand that the action of the Federal Government, is to protect the lives of parents, teachers, students , and everyone in the society from the novel Coronavirus.

In view of the latest developments in the country, it was announced that a Nigerian scientist has discovered a vaccine for COVID19, and is being tested if it is authentic and works, after that, it will be produced and made available for everyone. This would create a comfortable atmosphere, for the Federal Government to lift the ban on all sectors in the country.

Therefore, all Primary 6, JSS3, SSS3, and final year students should take note of the following;

(1) All Primary 6, JSS3, SSS3, and final year students should note, that the date for reopening of schools in the country, has not been announced by the Federal Government. Therefore, we should not believe in any fake news, that says the Federal Government has announced the date for reopening of schools in the country. But we should rest assured, that the Federal Government will soon announce the date for reopening of schools, once it is comfortable and safe to do so.

(2) All Primary 6, JSS3, SSS3, and final year students should note, that they need to read their book and prepare for their examinations, because the time to prepare for their examinations won’t be available when they resume schools.

What is your opinion;

Do you think the Primary 6, JSS3, SSS3, and final year students examinations, should be canceled?

Do you think schools should be reopened immediately?

Do you think other States Governments should imitate Oyo State Government?

What do you think?

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