If You Are Expecting A Better Tomorrow, Read This Message By Pastor Adeboye

Eye hath not seen, not ear hath heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, that which God hath prepared for them that love him, this is the word of the lord from the book of 1corinthians 2:9. In this article, I would like to share with you succinctly a message by Pa. Adeboye if you anticipate a better tomorrow, please follow detailedly.

Many people don’t get the very best from God because they hold tightly to what they feel is good, hence miss something better. According to the book of 1kings 19:19-21, it could be observed that Elisha was rich, his father was the wealthiest farmer during his days, however, God had something greater and much better for him.


Refuse to be among categories of people who settle for less or a minimum level of prosperity when you can have a better taste of maximum possession. God wants to take you to the peak of wealth attainable. Elisha could have thought he was wealthy, little would he know that a day when Kings would serve him and call him “FATHER” was forthcoming, perhaps he thought he was going to die a rich but God had a brighter plan for him which I believe he has for you too, President will beckon on you before you leave this world, Pa. Adeboye decrees.

What are those things/characters Elisha had that gave him a better tomorrow?

  1. Elisha was wise

When he had an encounter with God, he exchanged his level of achievement for higher feats by allowing God to have his way


  1. He surrendered all

Mark10:28 “…Lo we have left all, and have followed thee”

In conclusion, If you are expecting much better tomorrow then you must be ready to give him your all and surrender your best to him and he will certainly reciprocate by commiting to you something better than your best!

Prayers: Father, help me to give my best to you so that you can give to me better things you have for me.

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