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The Most Expensive Bottled Water In The World.

“Water is the new wine’’ has become a common refrain in recent years. As the search for the best natural bottled waters gains momentum, Fine waters are now recognized for their varying tastes and presentations just as luxury dining offers a new alternative to alcohol in the world of food pairings.

Well then, let’s get tasty! Here are the most expensive bottled water in the World today.

Bling h20 – $104 per litre

The water is bottled where it comes from – The English mountain spring, which is located at the base of the great smoky mountains of Tennessee. There are 9 steps in the purification process that are used to ensure the company’s award-winning taste equals their award winning designs. Because of its highly sophisticated and refreshing content, It is mostly served at high end restaurants, and almost like popping a bottle of expensive champagne when you break open a bottle of Bling.

Svalbaroi Polar Iceberg Water – $166 per litre

Svalbard iceberg water is an exclusive fine water with no nitrates or pollutants that hails from the arctic outpost of Longyearbyen recognised as the fine water society. The ultra low minerality makes for a light mouthfeel, with a slight bite and sweetness.

Iceberg waters are some of the rarest in the world. The producers head out for 7 days to find the perfect ice as the icebergs need to be from the most protected inner part of the glacier. The presence of ancient air bubbles, which make a crackling sound as they melt, is a key sign that the right pre-industrial era iceberg has been found. The source ice can be up to 4000 years old and requires no chemical treatment.

This rare glass bottled water, brought to you with effort from the top of the world, Svalbard is beautifully packaged and suitable for display.

Fillico Jewelry Water – $616 per litre

If you love the game of chess, then you’ll recognize the look and design of the bottle. They were cut to look like the king and queen piece of the chess game, representing royalty. The glass bottles with Swarovski crystals are just as elegant as the water is luxurious.


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