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EXPOSD! How Northern PDP Cabals Plot To Sanction Governor Ortom For Supporting 2023 Southern President


The opposition People’ s Democratic Party is equally having a tough time putting things in right places so they could come out victoriously in the 2023 general election. Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that PDP leaders in the North are preparing well ahead of their NEC meeting scheduled to hold on Thursday. What has necessitated the meeting is their plan to make sure that the zoning of the national chairman of the party to the North becomes unsuccessful.


It has earlier been confirmed that top PDP members in the northern region like Sule Lamido and Ahmed Makarfi have all been identified as key stakeholders in the opposition party that can convince the national executive council on why the 2017 zoning agreement which saw the northern region produced the 2019 presidential candidate of PDP be respected and followed.


But, it has become noticeable that the governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom of Benue State doesn’ t want to be part of that plan as he stands that the south produces the presidential candidate of the people’ s democratic party In 2023. On the other hand, some northern PDP cabals are not pleased with him and are planning to take drastic action against him. It was gathered from the report published by ‘ Nigerian Tribune’ that there is a plan by the northern PDP cabal to sanction Ortom.

How do the northern PDP cabals plot to sanction the Benue State Governor for his decision to support the southern President come 2023?


The PDP cabals in the north have reportedly resolved not to give any form of support to Governor Samuel Ortom if he decides to contest for any elective position come 2023 after the end of his tenure as the governor of Benue State. They have taken such a step to let him know that going against the wish of the northern reg is exemplary of betrayal as they want the North to retain power beyond 2023.

Perhaps, Ortom is yet to say whether he will be interested to contest for any political office, but it will be a big blow on him if he decides to vie for a senatorial position as usual of many past governors in Nigeria who cannot longer contest in governorship election after completion of 8 years in office.


However, it is in the best interest of the governor to support whoever he wants to support, maybe he has decided to throw weight behind the southern presidency to see if that will be the best for his State as Benue has suffered a lot at a time that a northerner leads the country. The middle belt is often considered as the minority in the northern part of Nigeria, perhaps this is another reason why the Benue State Governor is rooting for a southern presidency to come in 2023.


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