“EXPOSED! Why Whitemoney Chooses To Go On A Vacation With Niyi Instead Of Queen, SEE The Reasons Why He Did So


The Big Brother Naija show officially ended on Sunday, and the following day was the winner’ s prize giving day, as well as a day to celebrate the few lucky fans who correctly predicted Whitemoney as the winner.


Whitemoney was interviewed before the concert on Sunday, and he was asked a lot of things, one of which the program host asked Whitemoney was who he was going to pick as his vacation companion. Although many people expected him to choose Queen because she was the only woman who was close to Whitemoney while in the BBNaija house, he surprises them by choosing Niyi as his trip companion.

Below are the reasons why Whitemoney chooses to go on a vacation with Niyi instead of Queen

One of the reason he chose Noyi was because He didn’ t want media controversy


Since he has become a public figure, the social media will always be quick to spread any story it hears about him, especially at this critical time, and he may not have truly virtualized what happened privately in the show to know what may have happened in his absence, or he may want to test Queen to see if she was truly honest about her feelings towards him as she portrayed during the show.

The other reason why Whitemoney chose Niyi was because he saw Niyi as a real guy


This is not to say that the other housemates weren’ t real to Whitemoney or that Queen wasn’ t as loyal to him as Niyi, but it looks that Niyi is the most genuine of all the housemates. Whitemoney considers Niyi to be the most genuine because he was married before entering the reality show and kept his marital status, not flirting with any of the female housemates until he departed, unlike the other housemates.


Remember how Queen told Whitemoney she wanted to make lov£ to Cross while she was in the house? This has upset Whitemoney, who has informed her that he may not have anything to do with her after the program. Queen, on the other hand, expressed regret for her words. All of these could have contributed to his decision to choose Niyi over Queen.


Meanwhile, Whitemoney thanked Cubana Chief Priest for his endless kindness and supports toward him while in the house and after he became the winner of the Big Brother Naija Season six edition.

The celebrity bar man strongly used his social media platform with large followings to gather votes for Whitemoney, and also he promised to giveaway N500, 000 for five lucky winners for ” aggressive voting” for Whitemoney.

People Criticized Whitemoney For Choosing Niyi As He’ s Travel Companion

People Criticized Whitemoney For Choosing Niyi As His Travel Companion


Recall that during the prize presentation, the show host asked Whitemoney to choose a fellow housemate with whom he would like to fly to Dubai for an all- expenses- paid trip.

Whitemoney, on the other hand, shocked his fans and supporters when he chose Niyi, who was one of the first housemates to be evicted from the BBNaija House. Whitemoney’ s fans and fellow housemates weren’ t expecting him to recognise Niyi as his travel companion because Niyi didn’ t stay in the house for long and Whitemoney had become close to Queen, leading fans to anticipate Whitemoney and Queen would bond after the show.


Meanwhile, Some viewers were displeased with Whitemoney’ s decision of traveling with Niyi instead of Queen. I believe Whitemoney doesn’ t deserve to be criticized for taking such a decision.

Why Whitemoney Should’ ve Choose Queen As His Travel Companion Instead Of Niyi


Everyone has the right to make their own decisions, however most people wouldn’ t blame Whitemoney for choosing Niyi as his travel companion because:

Queen has shown to be a loyal companion to Whiteoney. When Whitemoney was on the verge of getting into a physical fight with Pere, Queen stood by him and supported him from Pere’ s bullying. She also showed the same dedication when she advocated for him after being evicted.


Niyi didn’ t spend much time in the house and that didn’ t give them chance to get to know each other, Niyi and Whitemoney’ s unexpected friendship is strange and unrelatable. White Money and Queen, on the other hand, had enough time to get to know and bond with one another.

Why Whitemoney’ s Relationship With Queen Could Come To An End After Snubbing Her To Pick Niyi As His Travel Companion


Whitemoney’ s decision will have a negative impact on his relationship with Queen. Keep in mind that Queen would be dissatisfied not only by Whitemoney’ s decision, but she would also believe that Whitemoney’ s closeness with her in the house was fake.

Queen will be heartbroken because she has always been there for him, both inside and outside the house. In her presence, she never allowed anyone to bully him or speak ill of him. No one else in the house showed real affection for Whitemoney as Queen did.


Choosing Niyi over Queen will have a negative impact on the friendship they had developed in the house. After she was evicted, Queen did not waste any time in urging people to vote for White Money. White Money could have at least compensated her by choosing her to accompany him on his tour.

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