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Fani Kayode Blasts Osinbajo says; soon they will be sending you to wash Toilets, shame on you.

Chief Fani-Kayode took his twitter to blast Vice president Osinbajo regarding his position as the Vice President of Nigeria.

odinceblog recalled that Buhari sacked osinbajo as the Head of Economic Team and Also Dissolved the Public Property Recovery Panel created by Osinbajo in 2017, Also asked osinbajo to always seek approval for the agencies under him.

Since then, Nigerians has been reacting saying that osinbajo’s Position as the Vice President is Now irrelevant.


If the short man doesn’t resign within 6 months they will soon be sending him to wash toilets. U came in on the same ticket, u sold your soul, u betrayed ur people, ur tribe, ur region and ur faith and you sucked ur boss’ rectum for 4 yrs!Look at what u got in return!Shame on u!”


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