I Was In The Farm When He Attacked Me, I Begged Him But He Insisted And Ripped Off My Cloth – Lady

An 18-year-old girl known as Sola shared her horrendous encounter with a Fulani Man who assaulted her at the estate. Sola was forced to mumble together a few sentences of agony and tears to describe how the event occurred. Sola recalled the sad experience of how a Fulani Man deflowered her into the farm that she decided to support after he begged her for water, little she realized the man was a demon.

She went to her parent’s farm on that fateful day, according to Sola’s account. It was harvest season so she and her sisters went to support their parents. The event occurred at 4pm during the day’s job, as they were scheduled to head home. When a Fulani herder confronted them, she claimed they were getting ready to quit the farm and begged for water. She said that it wasn’t the first time strangers begged them for water, so she agreed to support the guy.

Sola said he was really pleased when they offered him the drink, and thanked them and left. Sola and her siblings kept packing, preparing to go home ignoring the Fulani man’s evil plot. Only a few moments later the Fulani guy came to inquire for more water again. Sola grew skeptical at this point but she offered him the water anyway and planned to flee the farm immediately with her siblings.

She said they did not know they were being followed by the Fulani herder. They were on their way home when unexpectedly someone struck her from behind. The guy pounced on her before she could turn around, and pulled off her clothing. Her peers continued to scream for support. Some of them rushed to the village to call for aid but the man had deflowered the young girl and escaped before villagers got there.

The experience became a nightmare for Sola whenever she recalled it. She still mentioned she wishes she hadn’t gone to the farm on that specific day. A few weeks after the event, the criminal herder was detained, but Sola said that the leaders of the Fulani Group interfered and let go of the man after the man was brought to the police station. She surrendered her virginity, which she had retained for over 18 years, in order to assist the individual. For Sola, it was a really bitter and traumatizing encounter. She hasn’t forgotten about the memory.


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