“If Your Father Can’t Give You, Why Should Your Boyfriend Give You? Hold Your Father”- Blessing

Okoro Blessing Nkeiruka, popularly known as Blessingceo, is considered as one of the most controversial relationship therapist in Nigeria.Few hours ago,she uploaded a video on her official instagram handle in which she blasted ladies who depends on their boyfriends for survival and up keep.The video which attracted many viewers received several reactions.

While advising ladies who laments whenever their boyfriends fail to give them money,@Blessingceo said,”It is not the duty of a boyfriend to takecare of a woman.It is your father’s responsibility.A boyfriend is supposed to support you at his will unless he is married to you.It is not his responsiblitiy;go and takecare of yourself.Many of you have become a slave to men because you leave him to takecare of you.The moment he fails to do so,you leave yourself looking unkempt.It is your parents responsibility to takecare of you.Your boyfriend can only support you if he is nice but it is not his duty.If your father cannot give you,why should your boyfriend give you?Go and hold your father;hold your parents.If your boyfriend do not want to support you,go and do something for yourself.”

Blessing further stated that is only a man’s responsibility to takecare of a woman when he is married to her and not when they duo are just dating or engaged.

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