Father Mbaka Reveals What Will Happen In The Year 2021 Through His New Prophecies

The Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry has unveiled so many prophecies that will make manifest in the year 2021. During his annual crossover night, many Nigerians from all over the country attended. The prophet of God prayed for all his members and also for the progress of our country Nigeria.

According to him, he saw a revelation that if the government did not start creating jobs for the youths, a time will come when the unemployed youths of this country will rise and take over the government.

In his prophecy, he announced that any politician that will try to stop the youths will be disgraced. Mbaka also scorns those who are planning to attack him this year, to stop their agenda to prevent God’s wrath.

The man of God warned those in power to mend their ways or face the anger of God. He reveals that there will be many sufferings in the year 2021, but the children of God will be prosperous in all their endeavors.

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