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Fear As Gunmen Hack Head Teacher To Death, Kill Shop Owner And Put His Corpse Inside Refrigerator In Maiduguri

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On Sunday night, October 10, at least two people were killed in two separate attacks in Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state.

According to reports, the first incidence occurred in Maiduguri’s London Ciki neighborhood, where a shop owner was killed and his body was stuffed inside a refrigerator as the perpetrators carried away all of the store’s belongings.

In the second incident, Babagana Ahmed Gaidam, the head teacher at Kanuri Mega School Bulumkuttu, was hacked to death at his home in Bullumkuttu, Abuja, about 10 p.m. by unknown men.

Mr Jubril Muhammed, Chairman of the Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT), who confirmed the occurrence, said the union was shocked to learn of Babagana’s death.

Muhammed stated that the police had been contacted and were currently investigating and seeking to identify those responsible for the terrible killing.

Many more incidences of robbery and snatching off handsets associated to hoodlums have occurred around Ajilari, Baga Road, and Modugamari in recent weeks, according to a report by Hamza Suleiman.

Many neighbors speculated that the deaths and random criminal actions were carried out by repentant Boko Haram militants.

The majority of the persons who perpetrate these types of crimes, according to a senior police official who corroborated the instances, are hoodlums.

“Some of them disguise as passengers in tricycles to rob their victims of their valuables. Some will monitor customers who went to withdraw money from the bank or ATM and go after them. We have arrested some of the robbery gang who robbed ATMs within the metropolis. Luck ran out with them when they abandoned the vehicle use for the crime. Be rest assured that the police will leave no stone unturned to get the culprits and prosecute them. So people should be calm and go about their normal activities.” he said.

The officer also asked locals in the state to be vigilant of permitting strangers with questionable faces to live among them, and to report them to the police so that they do not wreak chaos among peaceful individuals.

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