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I Fell In Love With My Kidnapper (Fiction)

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I was in my 3rd year in the university, my house is not too far from the school because I rented an apartment that is closer to the school. So, I always go to school from my home everyday, I didn’t stay in the hostel.

One day, on my to school as usual, suddenly, someone came from behind and grabbed me. At first, I thought one of my friends was pranking me, but before I could realize, I felt a car stopped just beside me. I couldn’t even see the face of the man who grabbed me. He took me inside the car and blindfolded me, I was claustrophobic so I passed out on the way.

When I opened my eyes, I found myself in a small room and I could hear two guys chatting outside the room. I got up in hurry and rushed towards the door, the door was locked from outside. I was really terrified, I banged on the door with my hands really hard. A voice came from outside the room, “give us a minute, we will open the door”. I could hear two guys talking just outside the door.

One guy said, “I told you to pick up the girl with grey hair, not black hair! After that, he opened the door, a guy came inside the room, he was really handsome. He said, “I’m really sorry! My friends and I were pranking my sister, the idiots picked you up by mistake”.

I was furious even though I knew it was an honest mistake. I told them that I was going to report to the police, the guy got terrified by my threat. He started apologising for the incident. Eventually, I forgave him, noy only because he was innocent, but also because he was really charming, I could resist his charm.

I got out of the place and went straight to school. A few days later, I saw the same guy in a restaurant and even though I ignored him, he came to my table. He started the chat by apologising to me again for that incident. Soon, we started chatting about personal stuff and he turned out to be avery funny guy. His name was Joshua bit he said I could call him “Josh”. We exchanged our number and soon we started dating.

A few days later, I introduced Josh to my parents. He was shocked when he saw my house for the first time, he didn’t have a clue that my father was a millionaire. Josh started feeling uncomfortable around me, but I tried my best to make him feel comfortable.

Soon, I moved in with Josh even though his place was small, I really like having him around. Josh was starting a business so I loaned him some money. But sadly, his business failed. I loaned him money again and again but he kept failing. Soon, Josh changed because I found his business ideas really foolish. So one day, I stopped giving him money and he started acting different after that, our relationship started changing in the worst way possible. Soon Josh told me to move out, and we broke up. I was fine with it because I was done pleasing him. It was really hard to move in but it doesn’t end there.

I saw Josh again after some months in one of my friends Instagram photos. My friend Gift was also a millionaire. Apparently, Josh was dating her, but how did Josh find Gift? I never introduced her to Josh! I hadn’t talked to Gift for some years. We were never that good of a friend. Actually, we hated each other!

I causally messaged her. “Hey! Is that your boyfriend? Gift replied, “Yes! Isn’t he just cute? Are you jealous?” Her replies were so cringy but I was determined to find the truth. So I asked Gift about how she met him. Gift said, “it’s a long story. He was playing a kidnapping prank with his friends one day, but he kidnapped me by mistake”. I didn’t wait for Gift to explain more, I clearly understood Josh’s whole trick.

He was not the innocent guy I though he was, he was just a fraud who stalked millionaires, and I was just a mouse who feel in his trap when I thought it was love and destiny. I made my kidnapper my boyfriend, be careful who you trust. What do you think? Should I tell Gift about Josh’s truth?

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