How I Fell In Love With My Landlords Daughter And We Got Married

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It all started a year after I rented my apartment at my landlords house. I was the only one who seemed to be different among the others. Please don’t misinterpret me. I am not saying what they usually do was bad, its just that I didn’t have interest in what they did.

They went out to watch ball if their was a football match going on, they loved going to parties. And I didn’t really have any interest in these. Most times when the other tenants were out I was still withing the home. I had few friends, and loved adventure and nature. I either went to the zoo or the beach to have some fun than just roaming around the street. I once heard my landlords daughter asking her father to take her outing, that she was fed up of just being around the house and not doing anything fun.

Since her father had less or no time to take her out granting her wish. I decided to ask her to come with me, that I was going to the zoo and also the beach. She didn’t hesitate to say yes. She was so happy that she even got prepared for the outing before me.

When we got back him around 5:00pm in the evening, her father saw the happiness on her face and didn’t scold me for taking her out without his permission. He even allowed me take are out on more outings since he discovered that she liked it. Gradually I and my landlords daughter began to know each other more and began to have feelings for each other. We went out and gradually her father began to notice what was going n between the both of us.

At first I thought he would be angry with me, but he never was. He called me on a Sunday evening when his daughter had gone for an evening program at church.

He made me realise he was aware about the both of us. He also told me his daughter was all he had and I should not break her heart because he takes me as his son.

I and his daughter became even more closer, and I asked her if she would marry me. Without hesitating she said yes.

I was so happy about it. I got the approval of her father and we fixed a wedding date. I thank God for the successful wedding ceremony. It still looks like a surprise to many people around the area who knows my landlord who is presently my fathers in-law to be a strick and discipline man to allow is tenant to marry his daughter.


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