Female Police Officer Caught Red-Handed Engaging In The ‘Act’ With Her Lover While On A Mission

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A male police officer together with his female counterpart refuse to hear calls from burglary and a hospital scene and instead decided to engage in the act inside a car that was on a rescue mission, the sad thing about the whole scenario is that the two were on a mission.

The duo named Sergeant Molly Edwards with her fiancee by the name Richard Parton who is a PC was caught red-handed engaging in the act inside the vehicle with some suspicious individuals who did not see them follow up on the mission.

According to how the court heard about the incident, the 39-year-old PC Richard Parton was heard saying ‘aww’ and requested his lover to remove her clothes. The scenario took place after an emergency call came at around 4:51 am after an electrical store sought an emergency on a radio call.

The two are said to be married and already have children, they also decided to ignore the 4:17 call that required them to attend to 2 seriously injured victims who are outside a nightclub, they decided to park their vehicle elsewhere and were seriously engaging in the act.

The duo however denied engaging in the act fully after being told that they are at risk of losing their jobs.


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