These Are Female Soldiers But They Look Prettier And Different Outside Their Uniforms

Military uniforms are so much respected in the society. Regardless of the gender, size, or age wearing it, it still command same level of respect.

One of the funniest thing about this uniform is that, when many military personnel or soldiers wear casual, they automatically become extremely different and appear less tough and fierce.

So, in this article, I will be sharing with you photos of some American female soldiers in their military attire and non-military outfit .

I bet you, you will be surprised on their level of transformation. Of a truth, when they wore casual, they appeared extremely attractive and make you doubt if they are truly soldiers.


See them below.

1. Lexx Jones:

Lexx Jones has distinguished herself on social media as she is largely followed on her social media accounts because of her personality and amazing collection of photos.

Lexx is a popular soldier and lieutenant in the US military force.

Below are more photos of her.

2. Frantzcesca Casimir.

The second in our list is Frantzcesca Casimir. Casimir is so beautiful and charming and she is in the US military.

She had made name for herself with her amazing and stylish model-like photos. She can pass for a slayqueen rather than a military personnel. I love me women who give me this type of dual personality as you cannot box them career wise.

Here are some of her pictures below.

3. Cire Traore.

Cire Traore who is third person in list. If you don’t know her too well, she can pass for a professional model. She has a well built body, the good height and frame, curves in the right places, colour and face that suit this career but ‘sadly’, the gorgeous and ebony skinned lady is in the US army.

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See some of her photos below.

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