FG Ends Rice Importation From Benin; See The Current Price of 50kg Bag Of Rice In Nigeria

It is with all pleasure that I bring to your notice at this time that the Federal Government of Nigeria under the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari has ended the Importation of rice from Benin for the good of all citizens.

This indeed calls for national unity in accomplishing the goal of the government for the action that has been taken. Citizens should understand that the government is focused on making the country independent in terms of Agriculture.

Therefore, it would be appreciated if citizens start investing in commercial and subsistence agriculture so as to enable us have food in abundance. We have good soil in Nigeria. Nigeria is a blessed country, we have to utilize the potentials embedded in our soil to produce our own food.

However, in case you don’t know, here is the current price of 50kg bag of rice in Nigeria according to (

In as much as the price of rice varies with location, price and the seller, here is the price range of 50kg bag of rice.
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It is obvious that the price of 50kg bag of rice in Lagos State according to the above information is #28000.

As the federal government have ended the Importation of rice from Benin, do you think it will increase the price of local rice or reduce it for good? What opinion do you have in this matter?


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