My Fiancé Slept With My Bestfriend Secretly, Now This Is Happening


Dear Editor,

A friend recommended the More app to me and I am enjoying it. I always look forward to the 9pm relationship stories. They drive me to sleep. You are doing a nice job here.

Now to my story; my ex-fiance just engaged one of my former best friends after they both had a steady long-standing fling behind my back. I was previously engaged to this man who used to beat me at every given chance and opportunity. Even when he proposed to me unexpectedly, I accepted out of fear instead of saying ‘NO’. I was scared of being severely beaten by this man again.

After the engagement, I tried so much to leave the abusive relationship. He kept on beating me and threatened to cancel the engagement to embarrass me. He didn’t know my plan. One day, I finally summoned courage and told him to his face that I was walking away from the relationship. I took off the ring, flung it and him and ran for my dear life. He never saw it coming and then he started taunting me. It was then that he revealed to me he slept with my best friend severally. I thought it was a joke. He went further to share pictures of both of them together. I never suspected it and it really broke my heart.

I trusted this girl with my life. While going through the rounds of beatings, I kept confiding in my friend and she even advised me to dump him. I never knew she was also sharing his bed with me. What a life! Never trust anybody.

I was hurt for days but I tried never to confront my friend. I just stayed away from her. She sensed the change in my attitude and she also stopped contacting me. She soon unfollowed me on Instagram but I didn’t reciprocate. I later found out that she was actively sleeping with my ex after we broke up. My ex being the randy time was also doing another lady whom she beat to the extent that she was admitted in the Intensive Care Unit of a Lagos hospital. I saw the pictures of the victim and I cried for her.

Fast-forward to last months, I was checking a wedding page on Instagram when I saw the engagement photos of my bestie and my ex. I was shattered. I sent her a message wishing her the best in life and she ignored. I guess she is feeling guilty. I fear for her life, my ex is a demon and he will make her life a living hell. I pray she sees the bigger picture before they finally walk down the aisle together.

I have forgiven her and I have moved on with my life. I feel relaxed, refreshed and better telling my story. Thanks

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