FICTION: I Borrowed Money During Xmas For Her Sake And Now She Wants To Break Up – What Should I Do?

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Sampson met his girlfriend during the pandemic lockdown and since then, they have been doing almost everything together, including splitting his salary.

During the festive season, in order to make her happy and for them to enjoy the holiday, he went ahead to borrow a sum of cash from friends but his actions are almost leading to tears. Sampson narrated;

We have been dating for almost seven months now and I have been hoping that once things get better, we could finally settle as a couple, but my hopes are about ending.

I am 28 years old, two years older than her and also employed while she is currently searching for a job after she was laid off during the lockdown.

Since we met, I can boldly say that I have been her only source of income, not even her own friends are willing to lend her any money because the system has been hard for them as well.

Though things were not going smoothly for me, I didn’t mind splitting my monthly salary in two so she would have something to live on, but it seems she doesn’t appreciate my effort.

Just this past Christmas, I had very little on me and didn’t hesitate to see friends for a loan, which, eventually, they gave me without asking questions.

I spent all that cash on her, taking her out to restaurants and other interesting places that were opened for business. And now, she came to me just recently to ask for a breakup.

I have no idea why she wants a breakup because I haven’t done anything wrong and anything to upset her. When it comes to begging her to stay, I have done it so many times but she isn’t backing away from her decision.

I really love her and don’t mind doing more of what I have done for her, what should I do in order to save my relationship?

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