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Fiction: How A House Boy Saved His Madam But Risked His Own Life


Mrs. Lamle was a very busy woman she didn’t live with her family because they were all abroad. She was in Nigeria running her own business. But travelled on monthly basis to pay them a visit.

Along the line, Lamle met Ifeanyi. He was 16 years old boy, an orphan and homeless. Out of pity, her brought him into her house, and gave him a room of his own. His only Obligation was to look after the house while she was away.

Ifeanyi loved her very much, he was hard working and ready to do anything for Mrs. Lamle. Even though he was in only her house boy, he loved her like she was his mother.

One afternoon, Mrs. Lamle came back from work, Ifeanyi collected her back, as she headed straight for he kitchen to look for something to eat. She decided to open the back door to pick a rag.

Immediately she opened the door, she saw a giant Cobra. She shouted at the top of her voice. Ifeanyi quickly rushed to the kitchen, Mrs. Lamle couldn’t move, she was practically paralyzed.

Ifeanyi quickly pushed her out of harm’s way. Courageous, he picked up 4 big stones, and started throwing at the terrifying creature. One of the stone landed on it’s head and broke it.

The snake struggled for over 10 mintues, before it finally died. Mrs Lamle was very impressed, she was so thankful to Ifeanyi. She knew she wouldn’t have escape this snake if Ifeanyi was not present.

She adopted him as her son, and loved him with all her heart.

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