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Fiction: My Only Daughter, A Graduate Wants To Marry My Driver. Read and Advice Me Like A Mother

This is still like a dream to me, as I can’t just imagine how my only daughter could stoop this low.

I’m a businesswoman, married to a well-known politician in the State and we are blessed with a pretty young lady who is our only child.

Though we wish to have more children, fate did not allow us.

Folake is a very pretty lady, smart and hardworking. She left Nigeria to study abroad at 15 after she completed her education. She was able to secure a job over there. She is now a medical doctor, working with one of the well-known hospitals in the UK.


Back to Nigeria, my husband and I are living fine and we have honest people working with us not only in our different offices even at home. We have two drivers, one an Igbo young man of 30, Charles, and the other one, Gboyega, a Yoruba young guy of 32 years. Both are good, humble and honest drivers.

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But Gboyega’s character is exceptional among other workers, he is not just humble but also lively to be with, that is why I and my husband always want him to drive us.

Three months ago our daughter came back to the country to continue her career and also to settle down.

I noticed she is always with Gboyega, at first I didn’t suspect anything as I know Gboyega is a lovely person to be with and he is easy to make friends with. But the closeness between Gboyega and my only daughter has gone beyond my imagination, now Folake always wants him to be around her.

I once asked Folake what is between her and Gboyega but her answer was “we are just friends”.

Just last month, I was in the sitting room with Folake discussing as she was showing some pictures she took with her friends in the UK then she went to the Kitchen to check what she was cooking. Just as she left for the kitchen leaving her phone with me, her phone beep it was a message from “My heartbeat”.

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Firstly I smiled since she is not a small girl and I’ve been looking forward to seeing a guy with her.

I opened the message and it reads “Hi love, trust you are fine. Please, I don’t think our outing this evening will be possible as mummy said she will be going out this evening and I’m the one taking her out. Bye love.”

At first, I didn’t understand what was going on but I quickly checked the sender number and started typing it on my phone and I was shocked with what I saw at the end. Immediately I finished typing it displayed “Driver2- Gboyega” meanwhile on my daughter’s phone It’s “My heartbeat”. Then I remembered I had told him he will take me out later that day. I didn’t react that day, as I kept it to myself.

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Two days later I called my daughter and asked her what is between her and the driver, at first she wanted to deny and I told her everything I saw on her phone. She immediately knelt down and confessed that Gboyega is the person she wants to marry.

Though Gboyega is full of good characters but he is just an OND holder in Business Administration. He is from a poor family, which is another challenge.

What a great shame this is going to be, our only daughter, to marry the son of nobody?

How do I tell my friends whose I’ve celebrated with in time past and are eagerly waiting for my turn?

Or how do I tell my husband who is a complete disciplinarian, what will be his reaction when he hears that his daughter and only child is about to marry a driver?

Please, help me!

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