Fiction: I Nearly Killed Myself After Finding Out That My Boyfriend Is In Love With This Creature

Me and my boyfriend we have been dating for about 3 years full, blessed with one kid everything was fine. My boyfriend was so supportive and caring.

After some time my boyfriend started to change for no reason when I ask her why his no longer the same as the past year. He said there is nothing wrong with is just that I have too much work and stuff.

So one night my boyfriend come back later I asked him” where were you he said” I was out with my friends and we were watching school at club zero-zero” I just keep quiet and continue with my beauty sleep.

After a month my boyfriend told me he’s going with work so he won’t be around for about 2 months or more. I said “ok is find”, Because my boyfriend was the one who was paying bills I had no choice to say no.

When my boyfriend was at work one of my friends come and tell me that he saw my boyfriend at the mall with this beautiful lady holding hands, I didn’t take my friend seriously because I thought his just jealous.

Something comes to my mind say track your boyfriend car. I took my smartphone and check the location of my boyfriend car, my smartphone tracker showed that my boyfriend car is in my forest.

So I started to ask myself what his doing there? Maybe something happened to him? Mybe his car is stolen and stuff, next day I wake up easy in the morning,

I went to that forest to check what is happening, when I get there I find his car, I started to shoot his name, i kept looking and looking,

After some time he comes out of the water with this beautiful white woman holding hands, he said to me “what do you want here” I said I’m looking for you.

This white woman said to me I know you. you my husband’s side chick I have been feeding you for some time now is my time can you give us space we were busy.I was shocked and I started to cry


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