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Fiction: “I Regret Giving My Husband Money To Marry Me, He Always Reminds Me Of That Whenever We Argue”

Sello Mahlo is a 35 year old man From Polokwane in Limpopo province .He met her wife , Eva Kgwedi in Lebowakgomo hospital and that was love at first sight . They started dating a week after knowing each other . In 2016 , Sello dreamt of her late mother telling him that he must marry Eva and that she was the one chosen for him by her.

Sello was unemployed at that time as he has just graduated from the University of Johannesburg .He was doing Piece Jobs in Polokwane so the money he made was not enough for him to marry .Since Kgwedi was a nurse , she offered to give him money to pay her dowry .They kept this their little secret and Eva’s family also thought that Sello was working a good-paying job as he paid the dowry amount they had requested .

Eva then bought a hose in Seshego and they lived together. The problem now is that every time they have an argument , sello reminds her that she paid for her own Dowry .


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