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FINALLY: Powerful Politician Reveals Identity Of Real Enemies Of Nigeria, Urges Buhari To Make Arrest


Since the return to a civilian regime in 1999, a lot of incidents has happened in Nigeria which has shaped the history, culture, beliefs, idea, and path of the people. A lot of people are of the mindset that leaders of the country are inexperienced.

Many people have claimed that the government in Nigeria is not a type of government that does the wishes of the people. Rather than do the wishes of the people, they believe the government has done the wishes of themselves by making certain rules and policies which would favor no one but themselves.


A good leader is expected to rule the people without fear of favor and make policies that would be in the interest of the people. In Nigeria, it has been alleged that many people contest for political offices in other to remain in power and continue to use the nation’ s resources to their will.

Rather than make policies and good programs for the people, some politicians are bent on destroying the image of the country by making themselves rich. It is in this context that a well- known Nigerian leader, Samson Ayokunle stated that there are bad leaders in the country.


According to Daily Post, the leader of the Christian Association of Nigeria said the real problem of Nigeria is the selfish leaders who are in a position of power to make themselves rich. Rather than contest for election in other to make the lives of the people better, he alleged that the politicians are only bothered and concerned about themselves. As long as the politicians are getting what they want without stress, he said they are not bothered about anything that is happening in the country even if the country is about to collapse.


He said ” People do not fear God anymore. Some leaders who are in power are no longer scared of anything because they feel they have become powerful and supreme over everyone. They have continued to do things to affect other people in a very bad way. Their actions have affected other people because they have refused to do what is meant to be done at the right time. ”


” We are being led by enemies and we must act fast to prevent our future from being destroyed by the evil people who are in power. The evil people are the reason why Nigeria is experiencing insecurity and other forms of violence in the country. The president must do something to investigate and identify the corrupt people and prosecute them for the good of the nation. “


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