Finally Southeast Governors Back IPOB, Challenge Buhari Over Nnamdi Kanu


Governors from the South East criticized gangs such as armed men, cultists, and kidnappers for the area’ s rising violence Tuesday.

They also asked voters in Anambra State to vote in the governorship election tomorrow for the candidates of their choice.

The governors claimed it was unconstitutional for the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) to issue a sit- at- home order if its leader, Nnamdi Kanu, was not unconditionally released on November 4, and that they were already working with security agencies to ensure appropriate security for voters during the poll.


In a statement, the forum’ s chairman and Governor of Ebonyi State, David Umahi, praised the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and security management for persisting on the Anambra poll taking place as planned.

Insecurity in the area, according to Umahi, has gone beyond IPOB and pro- Biafran agitators, with criminal groups lurking beneath pro- Biafran fights to conduct various crimes.

He asked security forces to track them down and make necessary precautions to protect Anambra electorate during tomorrow’ s poll while adhering to the norms of engagement.

Umahi, on the other hand, stated that a political solution to the issues was being sought, and expressed the hope that the separatist organization would lift the illegal sit- at- home order, allowing citizens to vote without fear of being attacked.


” While we have recognized some of these groups’ spokespersons and have been trying to engage them to stop all forms of violence and illegalities in the South East and allow South East leaders to address issues raised by them, we are working with security agencies, local security, and our leaders to protect our people’ s lives and to address all issues raised. ”

” We applaud Ohanaeze Ndigbo for the excellent work they have done via their various committees in raising various answers to all of the challenges brought by our young children. The governors of the South East are examining their findings with the elders and leaders of the various South East states, and we will be meeting with the Federal Government soon to discuss these concerns, including deploying political solutions in the case of Kanu, which we have already begun.


” We appreciate our spiritual leadership’ interventions and guided meditations in this subject, particularly the Conference of Bishops and Archbishops of the South East, the traditional institutions of the South East, and the Christian Association of Nigeria in the South East. ” We would collaborate with them in order to get the best possible outcome for our people and Nigeria.

” We implore security agencies deployed for the Anambra election to protect the lives of our people in Anambra State while adhering to their engagement norms, ” the governors added.

They also expressed hope that, as a result of their negotiation with church authorities, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, and community leaders, IPOB will see grounds to lift the sit- at- home directives.



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