Finally The Reason Why Alex Ekubo And Fancy Broke Up Has Been Revealed


The sweet love and romance between Alex Ekubo and Fancy Acholonu that was the talk of the town for some time, has been withered by an insider inside the house of one of the partners.

Recall that sometime back, allegations came flying around that Alex Ekubo was gay and his partner blocked him on all social media page and even deleted their join Instagram account they created together.


Be that as it may, investigative blogger cutty_julls have brought some secrets to the open as to why their relationship came to an immediate stop.

According to the blogger, there was a lady who was doing everything to the best of her abilities to snatch Alex away from Fancy which she did succeed in. That’ s the main reason the love birds had to breakup according to cutty_julls.


To make it worse, the lady went to Alex house, took nude photos of herself and sent it to Fancy to stay away from her relationship. Fancy on seeing this, had a talk with her man about the other girl but Alex Ekubo denied the whole thing. Later on, Fancy found out the truth about the issue and decided to call their relationship a quit.


See what the blogger wrote below:

” So y’ all know Alex and fancy dated for some time before meeting in person.

So when Alex finally confirmed their dating etc, this particular lady started sending Fancy messages of how she is involved with Alex bla bla bla.


Sending her threatening messages at time o.

Fancy kept asking Alex and he denied all knowledge of it

So after the Oba Obi Cubana thing, Alex somehow somehow got into a mess. ”


The source didn’ t confirm if they did more than that, but the lady in question sent videos of herself in Alex house to Fancy and called her sorts of names, and to crown it all, she mocked fancy. With this video evidence and all what happened, it was quite obvious that Alex had a relationship with the lady.


Fancy didn’ t take long to block Alex on all social media platform because if he says he isn’ t involved with the lady, why will she be sending nudes in the middle of the night to her. This was enough reason for her to quit.

Alex realizing what has happened, made so may attempt to beg her, even using people he thought she listens to normally but she had already made up her mind and no turning back on her decision.

Meanwhile Alex had already invested more on the preparations concerning the marriage ceremony but for Fancy, there was no going back.

That was how we missed the union between Alex Ekubo and Fancy. .

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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