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The First Mistake Sunday Igboho Made Was Forcing The Fulani Herdsmen Out Of His State (Opinion)

Sunday Igboho during an interview with a youtuber has said that he can not continue with the fight with the Fulani herdsmen anymore if other leaders can not support him.

It would seem everything is now overwhelming him, it has never been a matter of force.

Sunday Igboho has been doing the wrong things and taking a wrong action since the beginning of all the chaos happening between the Fulani herdsmen and the Yoruba’s.

The first and the very bad mistake he made was trying to force the Fulani herdsmen out of the Yoruba land, going to different states to also try to force them out.

I think now he realizes it, because it has only brought more chaos.

The mistake of giving the Fulani herdsmen an ultimatum to leave the Yoruba land was a very bad move by Sunday Igboho.

Forcing the Fulani herdsmen to leave their business was like threatening their livelihood and Sunday Igboho should not have done that.

His actions have only brought more misunderstanding between the Fulani herdsmen and the Yoruba’s, now we see more killings happening everyday and it was not what we asked or prayed for.

Sunday Igboho should have just allowed the leaders of the Yoruba land to handle the matter the best way they have been doing it.

Sunday Igboho have made a big mistake and now he is giving up

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