“The First Time I M@sturbated, I Didn’t Know It Was Something Wrong” – Nigerian Lady Narrated

A Nigerian lady who is known as Loud For Christ (@_NancyOnyinye) on Twitter recently narrated her masturbation experience.

In her post on Twitter this evening, she explained how she started masturbation, she also mentioned the person that introduced her to the act. She also shared her testimony of how she overcame and also advices those that are addicted to it.

Here is what she narrated on her Twitter page this evening:

“The first time I masturbated, I didn’t know it was something wrong. I was just 13. A friend who always stayed with us introduced me to videos of people half-naked, I also didn’t know it was Pornography.

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I would watch everything they do knowing it was wrong to do the sane thing with a boy since I wasn’t married so I decided to try it on my own self. First, it felt like something I could control but before I knew it I was addicted.

It was a struggle to be free from masturbation even when I knew I wanted to be free. I prayed about it, stayed away porn sites but each time I went back to it.

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Here are the steps that could bless you.

Firstly, if you truly want to be free from masturbation or any addiction you must be born again, only Jesus can give you freedom.

Secondly, you must intentionally stay away from porn sites and refuse to be idle, several times why I went back to masturbation was because I had an idle mind.

Then you will feed your mind daily with God’s word. The reason so many of us go back and back to masturbation is because we do not have a constant relationship with God.

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A continuous relationship with God will set you free and free indeed. If you have friends who always encourage you to stay firm be thankful!


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