The First Time I Raised My Hand & Slapped My Wife, What She Did To Me Was Unbelievable – Man

Marriage is a very beautiful thing in this life, although it is very though for some people. This is probably because both parties are not the perfect match for each other. Or maybe because of lack of understanding between both of them. Marriage is sweet when love is involved, no doubt that it is this kinda marriage that will last till death do them part.  A man has shared his marital experience in social media. According to him, since he got married to his wife, he’s never laid his hands on his wife. But a time reached when his wife made him angry that he laid his hands on her. And to be sincere, he regretted doing that.

You can read the man’s full story below. It might be too long, but you have to read it becauae you will learn alot from his story especially if your marriage has some problems. You might get a solution to your marital woes after reading his story.

Please read below:

You see how this gentle man settled everything amicably, both of them were sorry for what they did. And both were ready to apologize to each other. Saying sorry can heal a marriage, but so many people don’t know about this. Some men are too proud to say sorry when they are wrong, and this is one of the little things that destroy marriages.

Please ma and sir, don’t hesitate to say sorry when you are wrong, even if you are not wrong, just say it to save your marriage. Some marriages have scattered just because no one wanted to apologize, imagine parting away from your spouse just because you refused to apologize. I hope this article will touch someone out there, please share to others.

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