Five Most Respectful And Humble Actresses In The Nigerian Movie Industry

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In the Nigerian movie industry today, there are so many actresses who have been respectful and humble ever since they join the Nigerian movie industry. Despite the fact that these actresses have fame and money they have been able to keep their head low and show respect to the next person. They respect their senior colleagues in the movie industry and they are always warm to the younger ones coming up.

Although, we have hundreds of actress in the movie industry who are proud and arrongant, but I will save that for another day. So after a careful research, I present to you 5 most respectful and humble actresses in the Nigerian movie industry.

(1) Ruth Kadiri:

Ruth Kadiri is a Nigerian actress, screen writer and film producer. One special thing about these beautiful actress is that even her enemies has given in to her due to her respectful nature. Infact, her senior collegues adores her because she does not show them disrespect, she is always giving them the honour they deserve.

(2) Biodun Okeowo:

Biodun Okeowo is a popular Nollywood Yoruba actress. She is very respectful and playful. She loves to have fun and she enjoys being in the midst of happy people. Biodun Okeowo is really respectful and humble.

(3) Bimbo Oshin:

Bimbo Oshin is a Nigerian actress. Bimbo is loved by everyone due to the fact that she is warm, respectful and down to earth. She gives respect to her collegues, both the senior and junior ones. Infact, ever since she joined the Nigerian movie industry she has never disrespected anyone in the industry.

(4) Khadija Adeola Ayoade:


Khadija Adeola Ayoade is a Nigerian actress. She is warm, respectful and down to earth. She do respect both her junior and senior collegues. Ever since she joined the Nigerian movie industry she has never disrespected anyone.

(5) Erica Nlewedim:

Ask anyone who knows this beautiful actress they will tell you she is an exceptional sweet lady who oozes humility and respect for anyone around her. Erica is very level headed and she avoids controversies like a plague.

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