Food Is Not The Way To A Man’s Heart, That Statement Is Old School- Relationship Expert, Blessing Okoro

In a recent Instagram post, relationship expert, Blessing Okoro advised young girls to desist from living with their boyfriends before marriage. She titled the video: ‘’your boyfriend is not your husband’’. In this video, Blessing Okoro used her personal experience to discourage the trend of young girls going to live with their boyfriends before getting married.

Okoro noted that when a girl lives with a man she is not married to, it makes the man disrespect her. One major point that Okoro stressed on was the trend of girls cooking for their boyfriends before marriage, she advised ladies to discard the old school saying that: “Food is the way to a man’s heart.”

Read what she said in her video below, “Stop giving your boyfriends husband benefits. Your boyfriend is not your husband. It is because women give so much in a relationship, that’s why they monetize the normal gestures in a relationship. A boyfriend is different from a husband. Stop packing your things to live with your boyfriends. Visit your boyfriend once in a while.


Don’t give your all to your boyfriend. Stop having sex without protection; no man is going to marry any woman that is damaged. Any man that genuinely loves you would look out for your future. Sex won’t make a man marry you; sex is not the way with a man’s heart. Girls should not appear desperate.

Don’t wash a man’s clothes when he is not married to you yet. Don’t cook for your boyfriend all the time. Food is not the way to a man’s heart, that statement is old school.

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Don’t have anything to do with your boyfriend’s relatives until he commits to you; I am talking from my personal experience. I used to live in my boyfriend’s house when I was young and his relatives used to insult me because of this.”

You can watch the video HERE.

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