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For A Better Work With God, Checkout These Practices And Benefits Of Sanctification


The term ” sanctification” is used frequently in the Old Testament to refer to the ceremonial or ritual consecration of any person or thing to God. As a result of the covenant, which included rites and atoning sacrifices, the Hebrews as a people were considered holy by the Lord (Exodus 31: 13). All believers are required to go through the process of sanctification as the second work of God’ s grace after salvation.

To sanctify is to make holy, or to set apart for God’ s use or worship ( Gensis 2: 33, Exodus 19: 23). In a doctrinal sense, sanctification is the process of making something that was previously defiled and sinful truly and perfectly holy. It is a progressive work of divine grace performed on the soul, which is justified by the love of Christ for the individual.


It takes time for the believer to be cleansed from the corruption of his nature, but he is eventually presented ” unspotted before the throne of God with exceeding joy” (Jude 24). This work is carried out by the Holy Spirit in conjunction with God’ s providence and the word of God. Every Christian should strive to be as holy as God is in order to be a blessing to others. Each and every believer in Christ is ultimately sanctified as a result of the covenant mercy purchased on the cross. He who saves us from the penalty of sin also saves us from its power, and he uses this power to prepare every willing and yielding believer for the presence of the Lord in Heaven.


Sanctification is the completion of the work begun in regeneration, and it encompasses the entire person as well. It is the Holy Spirit’ s special office in the plan of redemption to carry out this work, and it is his responsibility to do so. Faith is essential in the process of sanctification because it secures a believer’ s union with Christ and brings him or her into direct contact with the truth of the gospel.


He becomes more humble, self- denying, and self- abhorring as his holiness grows; he also becomes more sensitive to every sin as his holiness grows; and the closer he grows in his relationship with Christ.


Are you a holy person? Are you prepared to be sanctified by the Holy Spirit? Are you willing to pay the price? I pray that you are able to accurately answer these questions. You now have the ball in your court.


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