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Former Governor Of Kano Sends Warning Message To Southern Governor Over Buhari, See He Said


Former governor of Kano state, Ibrahim Shekarau, has accused the governors of the south of issuing threats to ensure that the southerner replaces President Muhammadu Buhari in 2023. The former governor on Monday called on 17 governors of the south to stop ” gathering” and ” making threats” to get a seat for president in 2023.


Ibrahim Shekarau Shekarau, who represents Kano’ s Central Senate District in the National Assembly, knocked down the southern governors during Sunrise Daily’ s Channels Television show. However, the former governor, who is the leader of the Congress of All Progressives, said that the next president should indeed come from the southern region of the country so that all Nigerians will have a sense of belonging. Shekarau said actions by southern governors reduced democracy to a ” regional gang” in Nigeria, adding that southern governors should consult with the party rather than make public statements.


He said, ” Regarding the party to which I belong, the General People’ s Congress, my suggestion is that President Buhari is now from the northern part of the country and (after) has been eight years, let us send a torchlight to the southern part of Nigeria, not because we have no competent people. In the North. . . This does not mean that you ignore the issue of competence, credibility, etc. ” While I agree that we must go for the better and thus open it up, no matter what part of the country is, but we must also keep in mind the aspect of a sense of belonging. We must bear in mind the realization, to give some sense of belonging to every part of Nigeria. ”


” Wherever I disagree with the governors of the South, I gather together to say it is our turn to be. I think this is a purely partisan affair. ” ” We must not do this at the point of threat, it must be me, it must be him, we must cooperate. This is more a question of a political party. ” I do not agree with gangs like the governors of the South to say that our time has come, this is wrong, this is a purely party issue, and political parties should go to the conference rooms and sort it out. give themselves away.


” Today the governors of the South are uniting, tomorrow another group will unite and say that it should be us. ” Governors are very famous people in the scheme of things, they are leaders, so they have to be careful when they come together to make some kind of statement that could induce the general public to take a stand and see it as a regional struggle, ” he said.


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