Former President Olusegun Obasanjo Warned Yoruba Elders Against Supporting Buhari - Oyinlola Laments - Mc Ebisco Former President Olusegun Obasanjo Warned Yoruba Elders Against Supporting Buhari - Oyinlola Laments - Mc Ebisco
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Former President Olusegun Obasanjo Warned Yoruba Elders Against Supporting Buhari – Oyinlola Laments

Former Governor of Osun State, Oyinlola Olagunsoye Oyinlola, has criticized President Muhammadu Buhari’s “failure” to fulfill his campaign promises. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo warned that Buhari was incapable of governing the country, and Oyinlola, who professed to have played a crucial role in Buhari’s election campaign, expressed regret for his conduct, saying he should have listened to his advice. This was said by the former governor in an interview with BBC Yoruba, according to the report. He expressed his sadness that President Buhari had no idea of what restructuring was. He also stated that he was a key figure in the election of Buhari to the presidency.

“Restructuring was one of the projects we championed in the South,” he says, “but it was shocking when the President admitted in an interview that he had no understanding of what it meant. “May God pardon us and pity us because this was not what we had expected. We made a lot of promises to the public, but none of them has been kept, especially when it comes to security. Six months after Buhari’s election, it appeared as if Boko Haram would be erased. ”

He further stated that they did not listen to Chief Olusegun Obasanjo when he informed them that Buhari was unfit to lead the country and had assumed that, because he had previously served as a military Head of State, he would know how to best deal with the country’s instability.

According to Oyinlola, there hasn’t been a time scarier than this one since we earned independence and went through a civil war. He pointed out that we read newspaper reports of people being abducted and killed every day. Parents are even hesitant to send their children to school.

Since 1999, insecurity has not been this high, according to him. Oyinlola expressed his dissatisfaction with Nigeria’s existing federal system, believing that the country should return to the era of regional governments. He further explained that before the military took over, the form of government in practice was federalism.

He recollected back then, how the South-West, South-East, and North each organized themselves and sent whatever assets they had to the center. Regional governments provided education, energy, water, and other services to their inhabitants, and they did a tremendous job.

However, he stated that they wouldn’t be able to eat or drink until they are in Abuja. Buhari’s administration does not adhere to democratic principles. “We are all one,” the former Governor continued, “but when the administration’s policies, nominations, and other decisions favor one part of the country, other parts of the country are sure to feel unsatisfied.”

Oyinlola went on to say that because the President was partial and favored some regions over others, it was best if everyone went their own way. “We are all one in this land,” he said, “but, regrettably, some tribes are treated like children while others are treated terribly.” We should return to our own regional administration; there was a time when little was expected of the Federal Government, but now even state allocations are determined by the Federal Government. This style is no longer beneficial to us, so it’s best if we split up. “


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