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I Found Out My Husband Was Exchanging Nuudes And P0rn Video To His

For so long, I had no insecurities on my husband because the two of us were happily married and not for once have I had issues with him about cheating. And so I did not find any need to go through his phone or rather play a detective wife on him. He however was very close to one of his female cousin named Maria. The two made sure that they were in touch every hour of the day when he was not at work.

Months later my husband started to act suspiciously. His cousin would call his phone and he would walk out and talk to her outside of the house. At times he would claim he was going to the washroom but instead take an hour helping himself. His private nature started raising suspicions of him cheating to me.

So one day I snooped into his phone and found out that the two of them had been exchanging nudes and porn videos to each other. So I decided to ask him and he answered me rudely, You should have approached me and not gone through my phone when you felt that you had a few insecurities, she my cousin, nothing can happen between us so slow your role with your unnecessary insecurities.

Even though I tried as much as I could to let what I had seen slide, I couldn’t because with how the world is today, even cousins can still have sex. So I decided to look for a solution to stop the two from ever taking it to the next level because by the look of things, they were attracted to each other.

I went to see Doctor Mugwenu at his workshop to help me out. He performed a spell to separate the two and ensure that their attracted to each other faded. This he did by performing a few rituals on their photos. After that, I left the workshop and went back home.

As time went by, the two stopped keeping in touch like before and only spoke about family emergencies or anything that concerned their whole family nothing else apart from that the two never tolerated. My husband then apologized for what he had done earlier. Once again, our marriage life became as before no insecurities and any other aspect that destroys marriages thanks to Doctor Mugwenu.

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