FRESH HEADACHE For Sunday Igboho & Nnamdi Kanu As Buhari’s Aide Adds To Their Problems, SEE HOW


Sunday Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu have attempted to break away from Nigeria on many occasions by asking for secession from the federal government.

It was also alleged that both individuals have attracted the attention of politicians as well as citizens of Nigerians due to their request to break out of Nigeria and form a separate region of their own.


Despite their plan to seek a referendum or secession, the current administration of President Muhammadu has insisted that the unity of Nigeria will remain intact and not be negotiated by anyone.


President Buhari in his independence speech made it known that the military and other security agencies in Nigeria are doing their best to reveal the sponsors of the illegal groups in the country and prosecute them accordingly.


While President Muhammadu Buhari has made it very clear that the unity and independence of Nigeria would not be discussed, a well- known politician and former aide to the president in the person of Babagana Kingibe, has said that the unity of Nigeria can be discussed by all parties in the country.

According to Babagana Kingibe, he believes that the unity of Nigeria can be negotiated and those who no longer feel safe or part of the country should be allowed to leave or find their way.

However, Babagana Kingibe stated that certain things must be considered by all parties before some people are allowed to form a republic or country of their own.


In an interview with The Cable, Babagana Kingibe alleged that the unity of Nigeria is like a marriage and in a marriage, so many things are being considered before the partners are given the right to divorce themselves.

Before Nigeria and the people of other regions will be given the right to break away, he said the consequences of the decisions must be put into consideration to avoid any form of regrets.


In his word, Babagana Kingibe, said: ” I am a Nigerian because I was born in Nigeria and I have no other option than to support Nigerian because this is my country. ”

” Some of my friends are of the mindset that the unity of Nigeria can not be discussed or negotiated but I do not believe so. I believe a lot of things can be negotiated. Business can be negotiated, the family can be negotiated and even a relationship between a man and a woman can be negotiated. ”


” If a party feels like he is no longer receiving what he is supposed to receive, he has the right to ask for more and if he is not getting it, there can be break up. Those who feel abandoned can negotiate for freedom but there must be some consultation before such a step is taken. “


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