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FRESH TROUBLE FOR IGBOHO! Yoruba Rights Activist Suffers From Great Illness


A lawyer to Mr. Sunday Adeyemo, better known as Sunday Igboho, the self- styled Yoruba rights activist, has disclosed that his client is critically ill.

The Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Chief Yomi Alliyu, made this known on Wednesday. He said Mr. Sunday Igboho is now ill in the Cotonou Prison where he is held up.

According to a report by Vanguard News, the lawyer disclosed this in Ibadan, th Oyo state Capital while on a Radio broadcast.


The broadcast, which was centered on Sunday Igboho’ s health, was monitored Vanguard News. It was squarely on the topic of Sunday Igboho and major things about him.

Chief Alliyu (SAN) confirmed that indeed, the self- styled Yoruba rights activist is critically ill and has been rushed to a Beninise hospital for urgent medical attention.

According to the lawyer, he got report that one of Igboho’ s organs may have been injured as he when he attempted running away from the grasp of Nigerian security agents.


The security agents were the ones who invaded his Soka home on July 1st in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital city city. It was a great fracas, one that led to the loss of two lives.

Chief Yomi Alliyu added that his client has severally applied to the Beninese authorities to allow him travel to either France or Germany for medical check up.

It is sad that Igboho has to go through all this. It is very sad that despite all his sacrifice for the Yoruba Nation, he has to go through all these alone. He needs the assistants of Yoruba elites more, now than ever.


This is no time for Politicking. The Yorubas need to put politics aside and try to seek ways via which their rights activist can be set free from prison. That should be of priority to them.

Anything contrary to that would amount to betraying him. It would really not be cool for the Yorubas to do so. They need to rally round to see how to influence his release Mr Igboho from Prison.

Recall that Mr. Sunday Igbobo is the face of the Oodua Nation, the Oodua Republic. He has always been at the forefront of the protest for Oodua nation.


He held rallies in practically all regions of the Southwest. Venues of his rallies were always. filled to the brim. Most Yorubas love Ignoho for what he stands for.

It is however sad that the rights activist currently goes through so much for his people. They should be fair and pay him a recompense. It is only fair to do so.

Nigerian Yorubas are known to be diehard supporters of things related to the progress of Yorubas in the Nigeria nation. This is the way to go. They should not allow the case to go down just like that.


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