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My Friend Paid Me ¢800K to Do This to His Sister While She’s Asleep, This Happens Afterward

I only did what I was asked to do by my friend because I needed the money, how am I to know the outcome? Was I wrong to help a friend or go for the money I needed? Those were the questions that kept repeating itself in my brain and till now, I don’t have the answers.

I am sure you will agree with me that money is good and it can solve all problems.

Lest I forget, my name is Kojo Daniel and I am 23 years old. I am in my final year in school and I am studying Accounting. My dad is dead and it had been my mom that have been taken care of me. Well, she did her best for me till I was eventually get to my final year.

Well, to cut the long story short, I have been waiting on the money my mom promised she will send. The money is meant for my school fees, feeding and upkeep. The school is about to close their portal and if they do, there will be an additional amount added.

I talked to my friend and he promised to give me ¢800k if I can do what he has for me. I was so amazed, desperate to do anything but at the time wondering what my friend’s task could be.

My friend told me I just have to mate with his step sister while she is asleep and I agree to his task without thinking twice. Well, I did what he asked for and he kept to his promise by paying me. I never knew he had more plans awaiting for his sister and me.

Well, the step sister got pregnant two months after and the parents already warned her about getting pregnant during her school days. She is also in her final year and now, she was asked to bring the father of her unborn child or they have her rusticated from school.

She was innocent and had no idea his step brother planned it all. I on the other hand never knew my friend had the video of me while mating with his step sister at hand. I have spent the money he gave me and now, he is demanding for his money as well as additional ¢200k. I was so lost and I don’t know what to do.

If he is to give the video to his parents, they will have me rusticated and if he is to give the school, I will be rusticated. The only solution I have is to either tell the step sister the truth or give my friend the ¢1 million.


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