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“Fulani Are Coming To Nigeria To Take What Allah Has Given Them,” Amotekun Chairman Cries Out

General Ajibola Togun, chairman of the Amotekun security council in Oyo state has lamented how Fulani from different countries in the Sahel are entering Nigeria freely and hiding in the forest in the South West.

In his speech today, he comdemned how the federal government opened the borders for undocumented foreigners to enter our beloved country.


He also urged the residents of the south-western states to be vigilant against any incident of Fulani migrants from different countries hiding in the forests.

He also described motorcycles as spies sent to study the area.


Similarly, he said, the Fulani I know are different from the people I see now, someone has told them that Nigeria is a land that God has given them and that is why they are coming from different countries. to get.

A few minutes after the Sahara Reporter posted the news many people reacted differently.

@Nonso said: I don’t know what to say to you guys. But look at the middie belt and learn from there current predicament.

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